Monday, February 23, 2009

So I just got the layout for the wedding announcement and it's amazing!! It makes me so happy!! The wedding feels even more real now! Thank you so much to Mindi for all her help with the photos and arranging this layout for me.

Engagement Photos

We got them done while we were still on Christmas break since we didn't want to have to deal with it during school. One of Dakota's close family friends has a daughter who is becoming a photographer. She did an amazing job and I would highly recommend her to anyone. I think they turned out amazing so hAdd Imageere are my favorites.


This is my first entry on my blog. I have always wanted to make a blog so I decided to try it out. I recently just got engaged on December 27 and have 61 days until I am going to be married in the Logan Temple. It is going to be on April 25 and I can't wait. I can't believe it to be honest. I am still in shock but I am the happiest person alive. I feel so lucky to know that I am going to be marrying the most amazing man. I know all of you want to know how it happened so here is the story.First here is some history so the story makes more sense. When we first talked about getting married he said he wasn't sure if he could get me a ring. I told him I didn't need one (haha count of monte cristo line right there) and that I would be happy with a cheap plastic one from a vending machine. Also, he has been making me think for the longest time he was going to propose in January and I really believed that. So during the break Dakota flew to Seattle to meet my family, friends, and to see my hometown. Last Saturday so December 27, Dakota, me, my mom, and dad went to the cheesecake factory. While we were waiting for a table Dakota said he had an amazing idea. He thought it would be so funny to get a fake plastic ring from a vending machine so I could wear it to my home ward and pretend we were engaged and play a joke on everyone. I agreed so we went into the mall that was close by to go find one but we didn't find any. So on the way home we stopped at alberstons and bought 4 fake plastics rings that were all pretty ugly haha. When we got back to my house I told him that if he was going to give me a fake plastic ring that he needed to fake propose to me ( little did I know I was tottaly making this so easy for him). He got all nervous and started to get down on his knees but couldn't get down all of the way he was so nervous so I kinda just pushed him down on the ground, not hard but just a light push. haha. He was so nervous and I couldn't understand why so I said something along the lines of "are you going to be this nervous when you really propose?" and of course he said yes he would be. I told him it was going to be good practice and to just do it ( i still think this is a fake proposal by the way). So he proposed to me and grabbed a ring out of one of the canisters from the vending machine. As he put it on my finger he was hiding the ring and then he lifted his hand and there was a ring on my finger but certainly not any of the ones from the vending machine. I just sat there for at least two minutes tottaly shocked and silent. The first thing that came out of my mouth was "this better not be fake". I still thought this was a fake proposal. haha and he said no kylie this is real. So i gave him a hug and then he said.. so.. haha i hadn't answered him yet and of course I said yes :)It was the best proposal I could've asked for and I am so happy to be engaged to dakota. He is perfect for me in every way and I know this is who I am supposed to spend forever with. I love him so much and I can't wait to marry him